Developmental Homes

A Developmental Home Provider opens their home to an adult or child with a Developmental Disability in need of a temporary, long-term or permanent home. Developmental Home Providers can support up to three individuals in their home at one time. Individuals placed in an Adult Developmental Home (ADH) or Child Developmental Home (CDH) have been diagnosed with a Developmental Disability including but not limited to Cognitive Disability, Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, and Autism.

Adult Developmental Homes

An Adult Developmental Home (ADH) is a licensed family-home setting in which an adult (ages 18 or older) with special needs is placed when they are in need of a temporary, long-term or permanent home. The ADH Provider offers a variety of support services to enhance the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of the individual in a family home setting.

Child Developmental Homes

A Child Developmental Home (CDH) is a licensed family-home setting in which a child (ages 0-17) with special needs is placed when they are in need of a temporary, long-term or permanent home. The CDH Provider offers a variety of support services to enhance the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of the child in a family home setting.

General Requirements for Developmental Home Licensure

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Able to obtain a fingerprint clearance card issued by the Arizona Department of Public Safety
  • Able to pass the protective service registry checks
  • Must be lawfully present in the U.S. and reside in Arizona
  • Must be free of medical, physical, or mental health problems that could interfere with the provision of safe care for a child or vulnerable adult
  • Able to provide a caring, nurturing, and positive home environment
  • Able to provide a child or adult with a clean bed and sufficient bedroom space
  • Have sufficient income to meet the needs of your family
  • Able to meet and maintain the life-safety requirements for the home

If you are interested in making an impact in your community by becoming licensed to provide care in your home for a child or adult with a Developmental Disability, please contact for more information.

Provider Testimonials

“My husband and I have worked for Anodyne, Inc. for four years and have been extremely pleased with the care and oversight they provide us as an Adult Developmental Home. We have worked for other agencies and by far, Anodyne, Inc. has gone above and beyond the support we received previously. They are eager to assist with any question, concern, or difficulty we may encounter. They are timely and reliable in providing us with information, training, meetings, inspections, and home visits. They are interested in the welfare of the individuals we care for, even stopping by when one of them had surgery and was recovering at home. Anodyne, Inc. seeks to go beyond the sterile business model and encourages an environment of comradery and team building by hosting several special events for clients and providers each year. It is not always easy to care for the Developmentally Disabled, the forgotten and ignored in our society, but it is rewarding. We have had the same two sisters for seventeen years and they are considered a part of our family. One of the reasons we are able to sustain this relationship with them is because of the support we receive from Anodyne, Inc.”

-Sharon, Developmental Home Provider

“What is it like to open my home for Anodyne. It has been a pleasure, they are very supportive, they walk you through the process, they come and inspect, and they do one on one training.  When difference arrives, they promptly come and help and have remedial resolutions meetings.  It has been great to work with Anodyne. What is it like to be a provider, It has been the best experience ever. To see their growth and feel the client’s unconditional love is an indescribable feeling. To see them blossom in their life skills, personal finances, health and spiritual growth is awesome. To take them out to see the world and eye opening.  I will recommend to those up there who would like to have a genuine serving love, to try what I do and you will experience the love of Christ in your home.  It is fun and challenging at times, but if you combine Christ attributes & a holistic approach to teaching, you will see miracles that can transform disabilities into strengths, then and only then your Joy will be out of this world. I love Anodyne and my beautiful adult children. With love to all of you up there.”

-Leilani, Developmental Home Provider

“I’m kind of new to the Anodyne family. Yes I did say family! A little over a year ago is when I and my three members joined Anodyne. We were looking for an agency that would support and encourage that we were a family. An extended family to their biological families. Anodyne has done this. Our Licensing Specialist is very supportive being there when we need her. Offering guidance and encouragement not only to me but to the three members of our family. Thru the year I have seen my member’s growth becoming more and more independent. Enjoying life, making decisions for them self. One of my members summed it up in a few words what being with Anodyne is like. Being with Anodyne is like our Licensing Specialist is like having an Auntie who tells you when you’re not doing what you should be doing and gives advice and looks over you that no one takes advantage of you. The rest of the Anodyne staff are like our cousins always offering support and encouragement to us. This is what being with Anodyne is like to us.”

-Ejay, Developmental Home Provider